Rockcastle resident sees Marty Stuart in concert

Rockcastle resident Majorie Abney purchased tickets to see Marty Stuart in February 2011. Little did she know that in June 2011, she would fall and be a resident in the nursing home. She is not able to stand or bear weight on her feet. She was talking to me, the Quality of Life/Activity Director about buying tickets but not having a way to go. Her family also had tickets to go with her. I informed her that if the doctor says she can go, we will make sure you get there. So, on Saturday, Oct. 8, Rockcastle Health & Rehab provided a way for her to meet with her family to go see the show. She was all smiles, telling stories about the singer and his family–she is a big fan. She also has tickets to see Travis Tritt in a couple of weeks, and we will make sure she has a ride–as long as the doctor says it’s okay.

– Sharon Cunagin, QOL Director