Caregiver Spotlight/Promotions

This month’s Stakeholder Spotlight and Promotion has been combined to focus on two stakeholders who have recently made an incredible impact on their home.

Let me introduce Jackie Stevens and Terra Harris, who both served as housekeepers and were then promoted to CNAs at Rock-castle Health and Rehabilitation Center in Brodhead, Kentucky.

Rockcastle, like many other homes, continues to experience a shortage of CNAs. Much of their recruiting focus is spent on job fairs and recruiting CNAs. While attending a community job fair, the HR department was consistently asked the same question: “Do you offer training?” Rockcastle recognized that the best way to impact staffing shortage was to create opportunities of growth for anyone interested.

Both Jackie and Terra were internal candidates for the CNA training program and have been excellent students. Rockcastle paid for their training and certification while allowing both to work a schedule that met their financial needs.

Jackie said, “Without Signature, I wouldn’t have been able to take the classes due to financial reasons, because working is essen-tial. I couldn’t take off to attend regular classes.” She further added “as a member of Signature, I realized that more personal growth was available to me within the facility. I love my job and look forward to working!”

Terra shares how this opportunity has been a life changer for her family’s future. “I have always wanted to be a nurse, however because of circumstances, I was unable to begin that dream. From this I hope to get the encouragement to fulfill my dream of becoming an RN. And personally, as a Christian, I feel like this is where I belong, taking care of people, and I am so blessed for this opportunity.”

We wish Jackie and Terra the best of luck with their new careers! You both have made an incredible difference. It will impact your futures, be an inspiration to other stakeholders, and serve our elders well!