Blessed to be a Signature Chaplain!

Blessing from Chaplain Ronnie Case from Pittsburg—

Blessed To Be A Signature Chaplain!
These are some of the things I have learned over the years while serving as a Signature Chaplain:
Always expect a miracle: – Help is on the way!
Never give up: – Victory is just in sight!

You always have a friend: – Friends that stick closer than a brother!
Nothing is too small: – cares about the little things, so do Chaplains!
Signature Chaplain’s really care: – Nothing pretentious – genuine!
Prayer is powerful! – Heals cancers, restores health, moves mountains!
Combined prayer is effective: – The effectual fervent prayers on many avail!

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Rockcastle Health and Rehabilitation is thrilled to welcome our new Chaplain, Matthew Griggs. Matthew has 10 years of
Ministerial Experience, which includes 2 years pastorate. He strives to meet our elders, stakeholders, and families at their point of need and display a non-denominational, interfaith approach to serving others through unconditional love and support. Matthew is greatly looking forward to serving the community at Rockcastle Health and Rehabilitation. God Bless!

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Building A Culture Of Honor

For the past few seasons of my life the word honor has continued to come up. As I looked in the dictionary at the word, the definition regards honor as highly respected and esteemed. So as I thought about my role, and my influence, customer service is a huge part of my job and life. In a small town it tends to be easy to find out the gossip and stories of the people you do life with everyday. So I pondered are only war heroes and high achievers to be regarded as honorable? As I approached the lord about this matter he said you can only take people where you have been, so how can someone be honorable if they have never been honored? From the Waiter to a General, releasing honor will produce the glory of that person. We believe in excellence in our company and as we honor the lowly it will quickly be the driving force that will bring us to a culture of Eden. Recently I had the honor to baptize two ladies here at our facility, and I must say it was incredible. With 70 to 80 in attendance it was a great celebration for us as a building and for them personally. I’ve been here for about two years and its been a great journey. We have many things in store here for the future such as a chapel and a music and memory program. As I was participating in this baptism event I recognized this word once again in my spirit.  As you honor someone whether there deserving or not, it will keep you in a place of being honored with the father in secret. A place where integrity grows and blossoms into real relationships that changes the atmosphere of the way we do life. It’s such an honor to serve these amazing people.

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We believe in prayer. It’s the lifeblood of who we are. For what breath is to the body prayer is to the soul. Just as the athlete goes to perform his or her event, there are months of preparation and discipline that has to take place for the body to round into shape. Prayer is very similar in which you must discipline yourself to meet with God to round into shape your spirit man.

The scriptures say this.

…train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 1 Timothy 4: 7-8

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